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*Beef Retail is a site full of helpful and useful information you can bring to your plant*

  • BAM - Beef Alternative Merchandising
  • Sales Data and Consumer Trends
  • Training Manuals
  • Resources: Beef Cut Charts, Consumer Handouts, Pricing Tool, and Much More

*Things this site provides processor*

  • Value Cut Information
  • Merchandising Ideas and Materials
  • Research; Including Customer Demographics
  • Other Helpful Links

*This Website Provides Nutrition Data for Fresh and Processed Meat Products*

  • Nutrition Data Ranges from Bacon to Wild Game

*Provides Helpful Retail Information*

  • URMIS - Uniform Retail Meat Identity Standards
  • IMPS - Institutional Meat Purchasing Specifications
  • U.P.C. - Universal Proctuct Code
  • Labeling Information

*Meating Place is a Site Specifically for Processors*

  • Technical News
  • Daily News
  • Industry Blogs
  • Supplier Listings
  • Weblinars