Venison Bacon Seasoning Unit

New and Improved with More Bacon Flavor!!

Item # Description Pack Size
998901 Nassau Premium Venison Bacon Unit 5/3.70#Bg/Cs
  (with real bacon for a heavy bacon flavor)  
331091 Nassau Regular Venison Bacon Unit 5/3.63# Bg/Cs

 Use: 3.45# of Seasoning and 0.25# Cure for 50# of Venison and 50# of Pork (75% Lean).  Add 8lbs of cold water.

Handling Instructions:
Grind venison and lean pork through the hamburger plate once.  Add 3.45# seasoning pack, 0.25# of Modern Cure (6.25% nitrite) and up to 8 pounds of cold water with 100# meat block to the mixer and mix until protein extraction occurs.  The mixture can be:

  1. Stuffed into a fiberous casing diameter you wish for the finished product.
  2. Extrude with the "Bacon Press" or "Jerky Tube" onto wire screens.
  3. Pack tightly into a paper lined loaf or cake pan - place upside down on wire screen and remove the paper.  Cook and smoke on your schedule until internal temperature of 162°F is reached.  Cool and cut into pieces or slice and package.